Terms and conditions

I consider an order for creating an artwork as a result obligation, but also as a nice obligation. For this I use the photo provided by you as a starting point and I will try to anticipate your wishes as well as possible.

To this end, I will make an effort in which my time spent during implementation will roughly correspond to my time estimate in advance. If my actual use of time threatens to exceed this estimate due to your additional wishes, I will discuss this with you and we will make an additional agreement about this.

I have planned a delivery date in advance and informed you about this date. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is possible that this date is not feasible. I will then plan a new delivery date as soon as possible and inform you about this.

After delivery of the artwork you become the new owner and you are responsible for it. In order to continue to enjoy the artwork, you must ensure that the artwork cannot be damaged.

If you ever want to resell the artwork, I request that you inform me about this.